CHIC is an education and business innovation hub and business accelerator that is exclusively focused on the cannabis and hemp industry. CHIC leverages the ‘Canadian advantage’ as the first major nation to fully legalize cannabis by offering a platform that nurtures development of a brand new industry that is wide open with opportunity. 

CHIC brings together all key stakeholders needed to build an industry, including entrepreneurs, scientists, academic experts, industry representatives, financiers, investors, and associated government bodies to develop the leadership and stewardship needed to produce a productive and sustainable global cannabis and hemp industry.



CHIC is mapping the industry in detail to identify

where there are gaps in industrial needs in order

to find the opportunities, build teams of

professionals and entrepreneurs to solve these

problems, and thereby build great companies

that are well-prepared for investment.

This is achieved through a venture fund and

business accelerator where small amounts of

funding are applied with intensive training and

expertise to help build new companies that can

withstand the pressures of a new startup.



The CHIC business accelerator (aptly named Fuse42), will accept entrepreneurs with new business concepts and provide the necessary resources to turn concepts into successful


Where Fuse42 differs, is that ideas can also be submitted into a pool where entrepreneurs looking for ideas may be paired with these ideas to build out great concepts. Fuse42’s major

strength is in team-building, and no other accelerator is doing this. Especially in this industry. 

Additionally, in collaboration with industry, innovation challenges will be created to solve high-cost problems experienced by the industry. Fuse42 will invite innovators to solve specific problems for an opportunity to go through the Fuse42 program, build a business, attain a reward

if their project is chosen, and have a proven customer base at commercialization. 

The opportunities in this industry reach far and wide. With potential in pulp and paper, conventional and synthetic textiles, plastics, building materials, fuel, food and protein, medicine and more, the possibilities are diverse.

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